The Freedom Bird


 By Guy Hutchins
Touring from September 2013

A powerful true story for young people aged eight and over,their families and friends“Look, there ─ high up, against the sun. The Freedom Bird, flying west. Back to Africa. Home.”

The Freedom Bird pieces together an extraordinary true story of courage, determination, compassion and hope on a small tropical island.

Originally a Malagasy princess, Miali was kidnapped by her uncle and passed to the slave traders on the coast. Shipped to Mauritius in appalling conditions ─ sold to the cruellest of slave masters ─ she never lost her dignity or calm ─ to the point where her slave masters gave her a new name: Madame Françoise.

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The Mazemaker

By Guy Hutchins
Ongoing dates

A highly portable and affordable one-man show for difficult times!

For family audiences aged 8+

All Daedalos ever wanted to do was make toys for small children – but when you’re a blacksmith in bronze age Athens, life isn’t always that simple. Daedalos works in steel — a tough metal from which you can make swords twice as long as the bronze ones your enemies use. This means you’re valuable, and can’t be allowed to get away …

Ritually crippled to stop him escaping, Daedalos desperately tries to find happiness in Athens. His weapons make him rich and famous; but when he murders his teenage apprentice out of jealousy, the gods decide he has to pay 

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