The Frog who Wouldnt Hop


A gloriously naughty tale for children aged four and over, their families and friends

By Peter Wynne Willson with Lee Ji Hyun
Touring till December 2012

Gregory is the stubborn, pig-headed bane of his poor mother’s life. Whatever she asks him to do, he does exactly the opposite. He goes to bed when he’s supposed to get up ─ goes to school at home time ─ when told to stand up, he does, but always on his head. His mother’s at her wit’s end ─ her head’s spinning ─ what has she done to deserve this? As Gregory learns to grow up, Korea’s best-loved folk tale slips from funny to dark, moving to exhilarating, ─ like the very best of the Brothers Grimm.

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Since 1999, Moby Duck has made 17 brand-new shows and toured them nationally and internationally. All of these have been collaborations with artists and companies from South and East Asia, Mauritius and the Caribbean.

We tour one show a year to audiences aged four and over; and another to the more neglected eight and over age group. Celebration of the common ground between cultures is at the core of our work. This, combined with live eastern and western music, South Asian dance and mime, breathtaking animated projections and charismatic mask/puppets, creates a rich and exhilarating ─ and sometimes scary! ─ experience too rarely seen in theatres. The result is accessible and celebratory performance, appealing to all.